As a certified professional coach, I serve as a catalyst for people reaching their highest potential. I work with people who are seeking more fulfillment in their success, deeper meaning and purpose in life and work, and ways to make more meaningful contributions. If this sounds like what you yearn for, we would make a good team.

When you choose to work with me, you will develop habits and practices to get more satisfaction out of day-to-day life and how to build your resilience, avoiding that burnout stage we all fear.

“Your playing small doesn’t serve the world*,” is a motto I truly believe in. When you learn how to be your best self you are able to make bigger contributions to the world and feel at peace with your successes while being in alignment with what matters most to you, something I assist my clients in achieving.

During our one-on-one coaching sessions, I will assist you in developing greater confidence, becoming more effective and living your best life. I will ask insightful questions to help you discover your core values, gifts, talents and purpose, helping you find ways to expand your personal and professional life.

I also work with entire teams, helping them become more engaged, cohesive and powerful as a group. I help deepen their culture of trust and accountability, which strengthens the team and makes it more productive and effective.

Coaching sessions, combined with workshops and retreats, can guide you through the process of aligning your goals, visions and strengths, so that your team can accomplish big things. Things you can only accomplish when your group is focused, driven and completely unified.

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*Marianne Williamson, in “A Return to Love.”  


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Four Promises of Effective Leaders

Have you ever wondered — what makes a leader stand out as remarkably effective? Being a Strengths Leadership Coach, I am always curious about that question. I observe, I listen, I study and I ask a lot of questions, always seeking the answer to that question. If you want to be a successful leader, being […]

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Focused Conversations

Expanding my Strengths Intelligence has provided me with pragmatic approaches that have exponentially assisted me in strategically applying and leveraging my Strengths, allowing me to live and lead from the A+ Zone. I am amazed by the new insights that I continuously discover about how my top 15 Strengths dance together in different scenarios. This […]

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Motivating Without Micromanaging

The more I have come to know and deeply understand my Strengths the more sense it all makes now. How my Strengths dance together, what lit their fire in the places where I have flourished professionally, where I have floundered and how I do not perform well and am demotivated with I’m micromanaged. The careers […]

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What Can Managers Learn From Monkeys About Motivation?

I am curious about what motivates people­. My biggest driver, my motivation, is the intrinsic reward I experience when I am in an environment that allows me a lot of autonomy. In the past, when I was around people who appeared to be driven, disciplined and consistent in how they work toward something I had […]

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The Motivational Triad

We never lose our desire for autonomy. In fact, for me, autonomy has increased as I have matured and have come to know myself better. My coach feels that Strengths are my “Red Thread”. Reflecting on her insights, I now realize that my desire for autonomy, my “Red Thread” leading from my Strengths, is woven […]

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Motivate Without Over-Managing

Over the past few weeks we have examined self-motivation. Now, what about motivating others? Could there be an overlap between what sparks self-motivation and motivation in others? What has changed in motivating others? Is this yet another area where change is needed to produce better results? How does Strengths Intelligence fit into motivating others? Many […]