As a certified professional coach, I serve as a catalyst for people reaching their highest potential. I work with people who are seeking more fulfillment in their success, deeper meaning and purpose in life and work, and ways to make more meaningful contributions. If this sounds like what you yearn for, we would make a good team.

When you choose to work with me, you will develop habits and practices to get more satisfaction out of day-to-day life and how to build your resilience, avoiding that burnout stage we all fear.

“Your playing small doesn’t serve the world*,” is a motto I truly believe in. When you learn how to be your best self you are able to make bigger contributions to the world and feel at peace with your successes while being in alignment with what matters most to you, something I assist my clients in achieving.

During our one-on-one coaching sessions, I will assist you in developing greater confidence, becoming more effective and living your best life. I will ask insightful questions to help you discover your core values, gifts, talents and purpose, helping you find ways to expand your personal and professional life.

I also work with entire teams, helping them become more engaged, cohesive and powerful as a group. I help deepen their culture of trust and accountability, which strengthens the team and makes it more productive and effective.

Coaching sessions, combined with workshops and retreats, can guide you through the process of aligning your goals, visions and strengths, so that your team can accomplish big things. Things you can only accomplish when your group is focused, driven and completely unified.

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*Marianne Williamson, in “A Return to Love.”  


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DG - 2-what is Executive Presence

What is Executive Presence?

It seems “executive presence” is the new thing to have, but most people I ask in my professional practice give me wide and varying definitions. No one seems to be real clear about what it is – so what is it, exactly? Presence: Often referred to as “bearing,” presence incorporates a range of verbal and nonverbal […]

DG - 1-Executive-Presence-An-Overlooked-Success-Factor

Executive Presence: An Overlooked Success Factor

Whether you call it charisma, confidence or compelling leadership, executive presence is in the spotlight. So what is it anyway? I am talking about more than making a great first impression. Presence is multifaceted, builds over time, and is reflected in everything you say, feel and do. It is grounded in who we are and […]

5 - leadership-presence--express-your-passionate-purpose-

Leadership Presence: Express Your Passionate Purpose

As a leader, you need to infuse your words, actions and stories with passion and authenticity. Every time you communicate a message, incorporate specific, dynamic verbs that characterize your intentions. In the work I do coaching leaders, I find many who are passionate about their work, but are reserved in expressing it sufficiently in their […]

4 - nonverbal-cues-and-leadership-presence

Nonverbal Cues and Leadership Presence

Authors Kathy Lubar and Belle Linda Halpern suggest in their book, Leadership Presence: Dramatic Techniques to Reach Out, Motivate and Inspire, three guidelines for developing emotional expressiveness that inspires others, influences change and drives business results. 1.  Generate excitement 2.  Put nonverbal cues to work 3.  Find and express a passionate purpose How can you put nonverbal […]

3 - bad-news-for-buttoned-up-leaders

Emotional Leadership: The Bad News for Buttoned-Up Leaders

In the work I do coaching leaders, many still cling to the idea that emotional expressiveness is seen in leaders as weak and ineffective. Research into emotional and social intelligence reveals the contrary. Failure to show emotions makes leaders far less effective and not inspiring. Without recognizing and expressing our feelings, our ability to make wise […]

2 - myths-assumptions-about-emotions

The Myths and Assumptions about Emotions

When leaders communicate, they often focus on message clarity and overlook its important emotional component. Many cling to old assumptions about being emotionally expressive. “Emotional leadership is the spark that ignites a company’s performance, creating a bonfire of success or a landscape of ashes.” –Daniel Goleman, Harvard Business Review, December 2001 To generate excitement and engagement, […]