Hello Friends,

"Your playing small doesn't serve the world." I love this quote by Marianne Williamson. It's part of what has become a very famous saying from her book, A Return to Love.

It's true; playing small serves no one. As a coach, this is where my work begins with professionals and executives. I ask powerful, insightful questions to reveal your core values, gifts, talents and purpose. From there, we explore possibilities, develop strategies and move you toward action. Throughout our coaching sessions, I challenge and hold you accountable to fulfill your vision. And the results are astounding. Clients often tell me that coaching has helped them play bigger, see more possibilities and find their "sweet spot."

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I also work with teams. What I've found is that professional coaching, coupled with classroom learning (workshops and retreats), is a powerful method in developing a cohesive team. My Sustainable Leadership workshop spans six to 12 months and is strengthened with coaching between workshop sessions. It's a powerful way for your team to talk about what they learn in the workshops and to align with their goals and strengths, and with the organization's vision.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcome a conversation on how coaching and leadership development can help you play bigger.