Why Know Your Strengths?

I was reminded, again, during a conversation with a friend and colleague of how we each have a unique constellation of strengths that show up and work together to be in service of the greater good for all. Each of you bring a unique constellation of strengths to contribute in service of your dream. Your dream is different from my dream and different from another’s dream. In honoring our uniqueness together we have an opportunity to create a magnificent world.

When you commit to unlocking and deeply knowing the full power of your strengths you have the true potential to contribute that one thing that you do better than 10 million other people. In doing so you invite others to contribute the one thing that they do better than 10 million other people. That is a space where authentic joy and gratification resides.

Each of you have a unique contribution to make and it takes interdependency to be at your best. Click To Tweet

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Self-knowledge is essential for aligning your life with your passion and purpose. Do you really know your innate strengths? Do you know your adaptive strengths, the ones you have acquired over the years because they were necessary to survive or do well?

In business, nobody will manage your career if you don’t. If you truly want to develop personal passion for your work, you will need to dig deeper and be reflective. To begin discovering your strengths you might start with asking yourself these four questions:

1. How or where do I perform best?
2. How do I learn best?
3. What do I need in order to grow or learn?
4. What do I do that leaves me feeling fulfilled?

You might be surprised by how many people struggle to define the answers to these questions. Working with a certified coach can help you learn more about yourself – to dig a little deeper. You can also learn about your strengths through feedback from others. I recommend you spend the most energy on developing strengths in lieu of focusing on weaknesses.

How or where do you perform best?
Are you a reader or a listener?
Do you work well in teams or excel when flying solo?
Do you learn by doing or by processing information when you hear yourself talk?

One of the keys to knowing yourself well is to receive feedback from peers, formal assessments, or work with a certified coach like myself.

In an ideal world, you would all be working with your passion in jobs or positions that leverage your strengths and talents to achieve the greatest good in your organization and the world. But that doesn’t always happen the way you envision or hope.

An article in Harvard Business Review, “Shape Serendipity, Understand Stress, Reignite Passion” by John Hagel III and John Seely Brown (August 30, 2010), explains:

We focus on passion in work for two reasons. First, our research suggests that passion is key to achieving sustained extreme performance improvement. This is essential to relieve the stress that we all feel in our work lives.

Ultimately, it is up to each of you to discover where you can develop and apply your strengths if you truly want to make a difference. But, you can not do this alone.

Each of you have a unique contribution to make and it takes interdependency for each of you to be at your best, to contribute your best for the sake of the greater good. In leaning into others with confident vulnerability in your areas of weakness and strengths you discover the joy and success that interdependency brings. In doing so, each of you get to realize your dreams.

Be aware of this and talk with your coach. Is your coach a certified strengths coach? Does your coach work collaboratively with a certified strengths coach to assist you in unlocking the full power of your strengths? Before you conclude that you need to redesign your career, change fields, or pursue reduced workloads, try to explore your strengths, values and personal passion for doing work that is truly meaningful and satisfying.

If you have a hunger to, a desire to, or are feeling restless to live and work more consciously, to contribute more and feel more fulfilled contact me. Unlocking the full power of your strengths with a certified strengths coach expands your leadership capacity, increases performance, improves productivity and enhances overall effectiveness as a leader. If you are curious about unlocking the full power of your strengths contact me or let’s connect on LinkedIn. Together we can explore your options for how to best serve your greater ‘why’.


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