What is the right Work/Life Balance for me?

There is no perfect, one-size-fits-all balance that is “right” for everyone. You must take responsibility for your decisions and begin to realize that you do have a choice in how you delegate your time and energy resources. The very best Work/Life balance for you is most solidly anchored in your personal values, perspectives and life purpose. Knowing and articulating your personal values is critical in defining your priorities, setting very clear limits and boundaries and being unambiguous about what you want in life. Getting clear about your values can provide the structure needed to make decisions that are congruent with your life purpose. They also help you differentiate between what you want and what you believe you should need.

When you are clear about your values and life purpose, and make decisions aligned in supporting your values, you can truly be who you really want to be. We often speak of Work/Life balance when we think of balance. If we were just to speak of “Life Balance” it may be more about defining who we are and what we stand for in life.

Balance is foundational for personal effectiveness. When we are balanced we are more productive and less stressed. Our relationships improve both on and off the job. Life Balance is a habit that we need to practice and dance with daily. It is important to define and create your own best Life Balance.


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