Top 10 Things We Can Control and Be In Choice With (part 1)

While we cannot control the weather, death or another’s thoughts, much as we might like to, we would do well to pay attention to the areas in our life that we can actually do something about.




1.   Our actions. We alone are responsible for what we do.


2.   Our words. Spoken or written, the words we choose impact our lives and the lives of others.


3.   Our beliefs. If we believe that others should take care of our needs, then we will be frustrated when they don’t. We can change our beliefs.


4.   Our values. What’s important to us is our call. No one else can tell us what to value.


5.   Our work. Although many of us complain of being stuck in a job or profession, we actually do get to choose what our work in the world is.

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