To Be Authentic, Align Your Values

Once we become aware, the real challenge sets in – living who we are and how we show up with our stated values, strengths and purpose. It takes courage and commitment to live in alignment with our foundational pieces and, through our strengths, show confident vulnerability in our relationships. Stay motivated and committed to the journey – It’s no small task but it is so worth it.


The values that form the basis for your personal authentic leadership are derived from your beliefs, convictions, life experiences and strengths. They often become more clearly articulated when tested under pressure.

It is relatively easy to list your values and to live by them when things are going well. When your success, your career, or even your life hangs in the balance, you learn what is most important, what you are prepared to sacrifice, and what trade-offs you are willing to make.
– Bill George, Finding Your True North: A Personal Guide

Leadership principles are values translated into action. Without action that supports your stated values, you cannot be and are not authentic. The courageous and hard decisions you make are a direct reflection of what you truly value.


Being Aware of Your Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations

As an authentic leader, you need to sustain high levels of motivation to keep your life in alignment with your purpose, strengths and values. Ask yourself – ‘I am doing this for the sake of what?’

If you’re like most leaders, you may be reluctant to admit that you measure your success against the outside world’s parameters. You enjoy the recognition and status that come with promotions and financial rewards, yet deep down know that does not define you if you are an authentic leader.

But intrinsic motivations are derived from your life’s meaning and purpose. They’re closely linked to your life story and how you frame it (i.e., personal growth, helping other people develop, social causes, making a difference in the world).

Authenticity requires you to keep in check your desire for external validation with the intrinsic motivations that provide fulfillment with your work.


Build Your Champion Support Team

Authentic leaders build extraordinary teams to support them and help them stay on course. Team members have a wide range of strengths complimentary to their leader so they can provide counsel in times of uncertainty, offer extra assistance in difficult times and share in celebrations of success. They have the skills and capacity to have their leaders back.

Support teams consist of spouses and families, close friends and colleagues, mentors and coaches. Those relationships are reciprocal where their leaders give as much to their supporters as they receive from them. It is only in that space that mutually beneficial relationships flourish.

How do you put your values into action? What motivates you to stay aligned? Who can you ask to support and/or champion you in becoming a more authentic leader? Contact me here or let’s connect on LinkedIn.


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