The Path to Improvement: Strengths or Weaknesses?

Living from a Strengths Based perspective, I have found relief and freedom. I no longer focus on what needs fixing but rather how I can leverage my strengths to maximize my contributions and manage my weaknesses.

Through applying my ‘Strengths Intelligence’ I have found more joy, more peace in my heart, more fulfillment and significantly reduced frustrations. When I do find myself frustrated I am more aware of its cause and I have the tools to quickly work myself into a good place.

Finding myself ‘stuck’ isn’t often anymore. I know what I am good at, I know what I am not good at and I am okay with both – this is called Confident Vulnerability.



Why Are Weaknesses Attractive?

Why do so many people avoid focusing on their strengths? Weaknesses may be fascinating and strangely mesmerizing. But the attraction lies in that we deeply fear our own weaknesses, our own failures – our true self.

Some are reluctant to investigate their strengths because they may fear there is not enough real talent, or that they are average (again, ingrained from education models). There may be a feeling of inadequacy, the “imposter syndrome,” and an underlying fear of being found out.

Despite your achievements, you may wonder – “am I as talented as everyone thinks I am.” You suspect that luck and circumstance have played a big part in getting to where you are today. However, if you do not investigate your strengths, or the fears and feelings of insecurity, you will miss out on discovering more of who you really are and the contributions you have to offer.


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Too Close to See?

You are likely not as cognizant of your strengths as you could be because most of us take them for granted. They are our common sense or the lens of our worldview. Our strengths are embedded in the very fiber of who we are,  though, we don’t often recognize them as strengths. We also assume everyone is that way – it never occurs to us to be any other way; it is natural for us.

This way of thinking excludes developing our strengths and becoming even more effective, more productive, and more fulfilled. You cannot develop what you do not recognize, what you do not claim. You cannot expand that of which you are unaware.

However, you have a great deal of opportunity to turn your talents into influential strengths. Developing your talents into the sphere of excellence involves becoming acutely aware of the contributions of your strengths, the needs of your strengths, developing an action learning plan, and practice, practice, practice. We also need to be aware of triggers that stifle the full potential of our strengths through over- or under-use.


The Courage to Be Brilliant

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…We ask ourselves, `Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.” — Marianne Williamson


The most responsible – yet most challenging – thing to do is to claim your strengths. It is an honor to have such blessings. Do not waste them. Step up to the inherent contributions of your strengths and find ways to develop and apply these strengths. Be true to yourself by becoming more of who you really are.

This advice is easy to give and difficult to practice. Partnering with a trained Strengths Strategy certified coach makes it easier for you to become aware of how, when and where your strengths show up. You will identify where and how you can improve the impact of your strengths and, to fully contribute, become aware of the needs of your strengths. In the process you also identify triggers that send your strengths into over- or under-use, diminishing their contribution.

It is a process, or dance – a few steps back and a few steps forward. Unlike learning from a book, you learn as you move forward. The only way to deeply learn about your strengths is to act, learn, refine, and then act, learn and refine again. Opening yourself to feedback and feed-forward means you must be determined and courageous in your personal development.

Uncovering your innate strengths is a powerful path towards fulfillment and success. When you pay attention to your deficits and work to overcome them, you are placing emphasis on becoming what you are not. You wind up living a second-rate version of someone else’s life rather than a world-class version of your own. Lean into the best version of yourself by claiming your strengths. Taking the deep dive.

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