The Missing Aha! Piece

04.08.13 BlogIt’s tough looking at reality face to face. We don’t always like what we see, so we often interfere with it. We deceive ourselves by finding ways to see ourselves in a different way, which negatively affects  our self worth, self esteem and our strength. It may also cause one to feel weak.  Can lead to anxiety, emotional disorders and physical health issues. This all stems from denial.

Sometimes denial is intentional.  Sometimes we find it easier to think a certain way rather than to face the reality of them. Although we may suffer,  we allow ourselves be hurt over and over and we remain attached to our denial.
We evade reality and live in denial out of fear.  Fear of not knowing, facing change, and of the unfamiliar.  Denial tolerates us to not change, as changing takes work. How should we face reality? When you find yourself in a difficult situation, consider whether you want to do what is right or are you open to finding an innovative solution, be honest with yourself.  Instead of being defensive and stressing your point of view, ask questions and seek possibilities that will work for everyone.

Accomplishing a breakthrough means leaving the past behind. Certain actions  and attitudes may have worked in the past, but it’s time to ponder new ones. Substitute your victim state of mind with a willingness to explore a new reality, prospects and visualize your part in it. Be aware that there are some things that you can change, there will remain those that you cannot change, and create a plan of action.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to have a strong, realistic person in your life in order to process your truth and call you on the untruths. You must be passionate and prepared to make some serious changes and to allow yourself to feel harmony and contentment. But make sure that this person will help you see the reality of things and they will be there to support you as you process it.  Occasionally,  we are so distorted and  think a certain way about things our whole lives that we have to have an outside viewpoint to find a new way of thinking.

So what can you expect when you face reality? When you see a behavior, thought  or situation for what it really is, you probably can’t go on living with it.  If you do then you are not a victim, you are choosing not to make a change.

Although you may feel like it, don’t panic.  With a lot of necessary changes, they are very simple to change. It’s just changing  the way we think about things and see things.  They are simple but we just don’t see them as so.  We just need a clarification or an Aha moment. Most of these changes are small however,  life changing.  They are just inexperienced and dissimilar to you.  Having a coach or consultant with an isolated viewpoint to help you in the process is the only way to do this.  A coach will not tell you what you want to hear nor will  they be clouded by emotions and personal history.


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