The Lure of Procrastination:Six Things to Ignore (Part 4)

Focus and Concentration

The average person contends with an astonishing number of distractions. One survey found the average office worker switches tasks every three minutes, and once interrupted, takes nearly a half an hour to go back to the original task. Between emails, phones, and other interruptions, attention is highly fractured in our modern day society. Multi-tasking is rarely as productive as we may think.

You have to tune out unnecessary details in order to gather what’s significant and pertinent to the task at hand. Practice and training can dramatically improve your powers of concentration. Certain sports and games can also help. Recent studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness training improves focus and concentration, as well.

It comes down to a matter of taking control: What do you want to do with your time? How can you find motivation and enthusiasm? How do you circumvent your excuses? How can you get more done so that you’ll have more time for life’s truly valuable moments? These are profound questions to deliberate when considering the option to procrastinate.


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