The Inner Core of Leadership

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I have been reflecting a lot and in conversation with coaching colleagues lately on what it takes to build and maintain your inner core. What does it take to build and maintain your inner core? We know that maintaining your inner core is essential for aligned Sustainable Leadership. Sustainable Leadership: A leadership approach that is […]


Prior Planning: The Key To Avoiding Meeting Failure

Not all meetings are productive or energizing. Difficult interpersonal dynamics,  office politics, power struggles, stonewalling and competitive drives that override the collective good can cause meetings to go off track and fail.   Unless you’re very clear about specific goals, you run the risk of wasting everyone’s time. While it should be obvious, and it […]


Teams: The Key to Success

A recent survey found that 91 percent of high-level managers believe teams are the key to success. But the evidence doesn’t always support this assertion. In her April 2012 article in the Harvard Business Review article, “Coming Through When It Matters Most.”, Professor Heidi K. Gardner notes there are insidious disadvantages to teamwork. “Just when teams most […]