Authentic Leaders Engender Trust

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Being self-aware is not enough to be seen as authentic and to engender trust. I’ve learned this the hard way over the years. Through using the Strengths Strategy model and becoming self-aware through my Strengths lens, I’ve been inundated with insights on dimensions of my Strengths that I now recognize I need to monitor and […]


Bring Out the Best: Maintain Excellence in Uncertain Times

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Over the last few weeks I have deviated from my usual blog content to encourage you to focus on yourself. I hope the holiday break allowed you to push pause and focus on what is most important to you. To take in what you are grateful for and to give some thought to what you […]


Is the Face of Employee Engagement Changing?

employee engagement, three types of employees, engaged employees, not-engaged employees, actively disengaged employees, passion, connection, Strengths, Strengths Based Leadership, StrengthsFinder, leadership coach

At times, employee engagement can seem like a state that is elusive yet is desired. With all of the press, information and activity regarding employee engagement do you ever wonder why your efforts are not more effective? Over the next few weeks we will focus on the different facets of employee engagement. We will tease […]