The Pursuit of Authenticity

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My journey to realizing and claiming my authentic self, my voice, has felt like a bumpy and difficult process because I relied so much on feedback from others. I often felt misunderstood or that my authentic self was not okay — was there was something wrong with me? Then I came to learn about and […]


Yearning for Leadership Purpose

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Throughout my years coaching leaders, purpose has been a constant thread. Leaders, like you, are looking to have greater impact through meaning and purpose in your work. Clarifying and articulating your purpose, your calling or your why seems elusive. It often feels difficult to identify on your own. While yearning to know what it is, […]


Why Know Your Strengths?

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I was reminded, again, during a conversation with a friend and colleague of how we each have a unique constellation of strengths that show up and work together to be in service of the greater good for all. Each of you bring a unique constellation of strengths to contribute in service of your dream. Your […]


Mining for Passion

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All too often I meet with people who have unconsciously fallen into living their life on automatic pilot, doing what is expected of them because they feel obligated. It’s easy to forget what brings us joy and satisfaction in our work and our life. People talk about feeling trapped or stuck in their professions. We […]


Personal Passion : Exploring ‘What’s Next?’

Personal Career Passion, What’s Next, Sustain Career Passion, Loss of Career Passion, Midlife Crisis, Purpose, Coaching for Passion, Strengths, Strengths Based Leadership

You wake up one day and feel like you’re in a dead zone. You’re going through the motions, doing what is expected of you, doing the ‘right thing’ but not feeling the satisfaction that you once did. You panic a bit and ask, now what? This gradual and insidious loss of passion or purpose in […]


Leadership and the Conflict Blind Spot

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Conflict offers such a ripe place for our blind spots to hide. Through the strengths lens our blind spots can appear in different forms. For example, in my top ten strengths I have Command, Self-Assurance and Activator so I am comfortable with conflict and I don’t shy away from naming issues or calling people out. […]


Values and Strategy : 2 More Common Blind Spots

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One of the foundations of my coaching with clients begins with identifying their five core values – the values you typically assume you know. In my 16 years of coaching I have met very few people who have ever consciously participated in a contemplative exercise to examine what provides meaning and purpose in their life and […]


Experience and Strengths : 2 Common Leadership Blind Spots

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It may seem counter intuitive that there can be blind spots aligned with both success and the use of our strengths. Those blind spot traps can be seductive if you are unaware of their presence. I have experienced both. When I experience success because of the combination of my strengths I have a tendency to […]


2 Minds. 5 Leadership Blind Spots

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Along my journey to unravel my blind spots I have explored multiple perspectives on identifying my blind spots, a few that I will share with you over the next few weeks. However, to understand the contributions of my strengths, their needs, their triggers, overuse patterns and my blind spots, I always return to the Strengths […]


Recognizing, Claiming and Managing Leadership Blind Spots

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Through my Strengths Strategy coaches training I became intrigued with the many facets of my own blind spots. First, there is the obvious or habitual way of seeing blind spots – We don’t know what we don’t know. Then, Strengths Blind-Spots were introduced adding another dimension to my thinking about blind spots. These are the […]