Survive, Meet Thrive

04.10.13 WednesdayWhen Survivor competitors are voted off the island, TV audiences tend to favor rhetoric and frail explanations over true accountability.

The equivalent occurs in real life. We create excuses and put the liability on others when complications and struggles arise, giving ourselves unconscious consent to excuse ourselves and blame others. It’s much more difficult  to be daring and accept the tough realities and take personal responsibility.

In The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability, three men,  Roger Connors, Tom Smith and Craig Hickman, recognize four critical steps to recovering from a setback:

  1. See It. Identify and acknowledge the full reality of a situation.
  2. Own It. Take full responsibility for your existing experiences and realities.
  3. Solve It. Change these realities by discovering solutions (many of which you’ve probably  never previously considered).
  4. Do It. Summon the obligation and courage to follow through with these solutions, even when they force you to take risks.

Roger Connors, Tom Smith and Craig Hickman  said “Ultimately, we alone determine the course of our lives and the measure of happiness we achieve,”. It’s impossible to change reality and create new possibilities if you decline to admit to your responsibilities for your experiences. Accountability backs lasting success.

The next time you find yourself facing a rough situation, be sure you see, own, and solve it only then will you be able to do it. Choosing to work  with a professional coach, like me, helps you to get released and take onward constant action. Most of all, don’t consent to letting yourself just survive – Thrive.


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