Self Management: Are You Doing the Right Things? (part 2)

You’ve probably known for some time that you need to apply focus and make smart, thoughtful decisions about what’s worth doing (and what’s not).

Here are some simple tools and tactics to help you follow through on these decisions—and even enjoy the process. 

Where Are You Now?

Your life has two versions: the one where you’re a star and the one where you’re a little lost. Reality lies somewhere in the middle. Your opinion inevitably reflects some reality and some fantasy.

The two strategic questions are:

  • How can you best use your strengths and talents to achieve the things that will make you happy, productive and successful?
  • How can you know if you’re truly maximizing your potential?

The foundation of a Sustainable Leadership plan begins with your reflection and the integration of your values, purpose and strengths.  Often we are our own worst enemies in not claiming our strengths or living into our potential.  We often confuse claiming our strengths with ego, bragging, having a “big head”, or being intimidating, listening to those internal voices that create havoc and confusion when we want to claim our strengths and live big.

Most people insufficiently use their talents because they fear stretching goals and the prospect of leaving their comfort zones. They continue doing what they’ve always done because it’s safe, instead of taking risks and working with a professional coach. But self-discovery—especially of one’s strengths—is critical for any quantifiable success.

Most of us are reconciled to the path we’re on and rarely stop to take stock. Like the Energizer Bunny, we just keep going and going…and going.

Bregman proposes two tactics to break this negative momentum:

  1. Slow down.
  2. Start over.
In my next blog post: Where Do You Want to Go?

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