Purposeful Life (part 3)

I believe that we all have a reason for being, that our very existence has a purpose.  When we know our purpose, along with our values and strengths, we have created the compass that guides us in how we think and make our decisions.  When you know your purpose, you live as your best self and lead the most rewarding kind of life.  Knowing purpose makes it easy to live authentically and consistently, because it frees us from doing what is expected of us or the cycle of repeating old familiar habits as we search for that “right” answer.  Being in alignment with our true self and purpose, we can choose to act according to our values and find internal peace.


But this doesn’t happen by magic.  The above questions are a great place to start.  In order for you to live this kind of life, you must take yourself and your desires seriously, devoting time and resources to making changes that will allow you to be more fulfilled and aligned in your life. People who are living fulfilled, purposeful lives are intentional about how they behave every day and how they are in relationship to others.


You do not have to do this journey alone. A life coach can assist you, by guiding you through the process of self-discovery, and serving as the caring, supportive, objective ear that we all seek.  I would like to leave you with this quote from Sharon Daloz Parks, from the Whidbey Institute: “There is a possibility created in all of us that can only come through you ~ it is lost if you do not answer the call.”  Let 2012 be the year you muster up the courage to become clear about your life purpose and answer your call. The world needs you – and you deserve it.


Wishing you a year of sustained sense of meaning and peace.


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