Mining for Passion

All too often I meet with people who have unconsciously fallen into living their life on automatic pilot, doing what is expected of them because they feel obligated. It’s easy to forget what brings us joy and satisfaction in our work and our life. People talk about feeling trapped or stuck in their professions. We may experience the ‘golden handcuffs’ – coming to a point where we can not easily find another job that matches our salary or benefits.

There is hope and possibility awaiting you if you are willing to taking a deep dive and work with a coach who can guide you through self reflection, insights and awarenesses. Once you have uncovered the pieces in your Purpose puzzle, use your values and strengths as your compass for making decisions. You can then begin creating your the ‘What is Next’ picture.

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Most coaches will advise you to look inward before making a drastic decision to change career path. What if the problem lies, along with solutions, somewhere inside you? If so, you can change your thinking, your beliefs, or your level of engagement as you strive to make work more passionate and meaningful.

This is a good time to review your values and purpose with your coach. Here are some of the questions I ask my coaching clients:

• What was initially attractive about your job or position?
• When you began your career, what did you expect or hope for?
• In the early days, how did work excite you?
• What has changed?

Having forgotten your early enthusiasm, you may be surprised by your answers. To rekindle your drive, explore three key issues with your coach:

1. Identify your core values.
2. Know and manage your strengths well.
3. Determine how your values fit with who you are and what you’re doing today.

Few people are aware of their innate strengths. This may be a good opportunity to take the StrengthsFinder assessment to uncover your innate strengths vs your acquired strengths. Strengths used along side your values creates a powerful compass when discerning the direction or action to take.

The wisest people are those who use their feelings of malaise or discontent to be reflective. To find out what used to drive them, what is missing now, what their core/innate strengths are, and use to coaching to rekindle their spirits.


Rekindle Your Passion at Work

How can you rekindle passion for the work you do? Your energy shifts when you connect and align your core values, strengths and highest purpose at the start of each day, whenever you chat with a client or coworker, and even when completing routine tasks like paperwork.

Do not allow yourself to fall into a routine of performing your tasks on automatic pilot. Do not forget what you love doing and are really good at. Ask yourself: What is working well for me? What are you wishing would be different? What do you really want? Is this why I am here?

Coaching you is why I am here – to help you articulate what gives your life the most meaning and value and to help you align your values, strengths and purpose. I invite you to discover how to align your talents and strengths, thriving and living a life of fulfillment. To live life fully with no regrets. I would love to hear from you. Contact me or let’s connect on LinkedIn.


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