Mentoring And It’s Power

What do you think when you hear the word mentoring? When people ponder the word mentoring, they often associate it with an older executive who advises someone that is new to a field, or position. For example, a senior leader that advises the junior employee on his career, directing office policies and what’s needed to get ahead.

The need for mentoring has intensely changed over the last few years.  Perhaps you are stuck in a career rut or longing to increase your skills and take on new challenges. Perchance you’re eyeing a higher-level management position or other professional expansion. If you wait to be noticed by senior managers and for those to promote you, more than likely you’ll be disappointed with the wait—if a promotion ever happens.

Effective mentoring is vital for leadership development. If mentoring is done right, it’s one of the most powerful tools for gaining wisdom, reaping the rewards of job growth and achieving a strong competitive advantage in today’s job marketplace. Successful leaders mentor, coach and partn
er with their employees instead of involving command-and-control management. Top organizations are more adaptive, advanced and clever about bringing out the best in their people. They have a relationship where employees learning and managers are always teaching.


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