Just What is The Hero’s Journey: Connecting with Your Best Self

When embarking on one of my own hero’s journeys the thing I value most is having a trusted person journey with me. As a coach, I have had my own coach or a spiritual director throughout most of my journey. It is critical, on this most important journey, that you do not feel as if you have to ‘go it alone’ or ‘should know’ what to do. You can collect information and gather feedback but you are not objective enough to see clearly, to make sense of what you have come to know and to create an action plan for moving forward in a meaningful direction.


Coaching individuals, we often arrive at key insights through questions and reflection about their hero’s journey. Insights are only as valuable as they are understood and transformed into action.

As you pay attention to your strengths, what do you plan to do with the information/insight you are discovering, where and how you are showing up? The next step is to connect with your best self by expressing your deeply held values, beliefs, and principles, as well as your strengths.

Each time you leverage your strengths and express your values, recognize them as gifts you bring to the world. Look for meaning and purpose in every moment of life, including those that are less than ideal. Seek out the answer to this question:

“What are my gifts, and what am I called to contribute?”

Look for the opportunities and resources you will need to keep moving forward.


Transformation is Possible

When you’ve taken a brutally honest assessment of yourself, connected to what and where you find meaning and purpose, you are ready to take the next step. Transformation is a bold act of renovation, of stepping into what is possible in life. It becomes clearly intentional.

Transformation is a conscious choice in stepping into ‘What is Next” for you. But it can be hard without information like your strengths, a plan, and action steps. It doesn’t just happen, and this is where many people falter. Changing attitudes, beliefs, and habits that are a deeply engrained part of our self requires focused and conscious intention.

It requires courage, practice, and self-discipline. It takes time and perseverance and has the potential to become clear and meaningful. Often it requires another person, such as a coach or a spiritual director, to walk that path with you, providing feedback and guidance to your heightened awareness in creating new habits.

Harry Potter had Professor Dumbledore, and Luke Skywalker had Obi Wan Kenobi. You don’t have to take on the hero’s journey alone. Get a coach, a mentor, a spiritual director, or a trusted colleague to help you along the journey.

Take the leap of faith and begin your journey, you may be surprised where it leads you.

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