Inspired Leadership

Published in Womeninc September 2009

by Diana Gabriel

Many of the leaders I coach seem to be asking the same question: “How do I stay inspired and alive with all of the heaviness around me?”

I recently saw a DeWitt Jones video called Celebrate What is Right. It was a powerful reminder of some very basic principles that I believe we all need to take to heart in order to answer this question.

To be inspired we need to:

  • be inspiring. It is a synergistic feedback loop – openness to possibility.
  • be the best for the world not the best in the world.
  • know that seeing follows believing. We will not see inspiration or possibility until we believe in it.
  • trust in the power of our own vision.

If we are to be responsible for creating our own inspiration, we need also to ask what we are willing to change in order to make things better. Change allows us to avoid repeating the same old patterns and end up in the same old space – decidedly not inspiring! We as human beings seek safety, security, significance and belonging. Often it is our shadow side, the unexamined aspects of self (e.g. the ways in which we are controlling, protecting or complying) that weigh us down and keep us from being inspiring and inspired.

What change, what leap of faith do you need to make in order to believe? It doesn’t have to be daunting, if you ground yourself in the core belief that change is possible. Here are some ways to start.

  • Trust in the power of your vision – set dedicated time aside to dream and envision possibilities.
  • Have a clear purpose. A clear purpose attracts others.
  • Remember that everyone wants to feel as if they have contributed to something bigger than themselves.
  • Always keep an eye on the balance between what you do and who you are.

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