Incentive Creation to Boost Employee Morale

05.17.13Is there a calm in your office? Are your employees not pleased anymore with the way things are being done? If the moral of the employees is low, then their attitude will begin to affect their work and eventually the company’s productivity.

When  employees’ attitudes are happy and healthy  the company will be able to reap the many benefits through the constant flow of good business as well as higher profits. But what if the employees are  not happy with the way things are going within the company? You may notice your company headed towards a downward spiral. But it is certainly never too late for the company to turn things around by implementing new rules and regulations that are employee friendly.

Here are a few suggestions for turning things around.

1. Make sure your team  is not excessively competitive

It is essential that your incentive program to inspire and motivate your team to work efficiently and not just be competing with each other. Healthy competition among the company’s employees is good but too much of it may also cause the company to split. A certain level of camaraderie is needed in order to have a harmonious working environment that is beneficial to working efficiently and productively.

2. Make sure goals are clearly defined

When creating an incentive program, it is important to set some goals concerning the purpose of the program. By doing so, everyone involved will have a clear view of what they really want the employee incentive program to do, and gauge whether or not it is actually working. It is important to still be very much hands-on with the whole employee incentive program to ensure that the outcome  is what was expected.

It is best that when you are starting an employee incentive program that you set a strict set of rules that will be clear to each and every one of the company’s employees.

Keep the following in mind when creating your incentive goals:

– Goals must be reasonable! Don’t expect the program to result in a major increase in profits, or results appear right away

– Provide ways for employees to share their creative ideas

– Encourage a good working environment. A clean, fresh environment will motivate employees

– Set up a committee that will be able to  review the results of the program. This is perhaps more important than the program itself

– Ensure that appropriate recognition is given to the employees who share the most noteworthy suggestions

3. Let Employees Provide Suggestions Easily

– Who is eligible to join the employee incentive program?

– When it comes to an eligible suggestion, what should employees take at heart?

– Any suggestion no matter how far fetched should be allowed (as long as they are not vulgar or offensive)


Rewarding employees for their hard work shows gratefulness from the company. When an employee feels appreciated, then they tend to work harder and to produce better results. If your company is not getting the results, consider maybe showing your employees that you appreciate them, and what they do for your company by creating an incentive pr


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