How to Use Humor at Work (Part 2)

Humor and Creativity

Humor encourages creativity, allowing you to view challenges from new angles. You’ll enjoy playing with a variety of ideas and making innovative associations.

You’ll be more willing to step back and observe, often with a beginner’s mindset. As you begin to search for the exaggerations that make something funny, you use the same parts of your brain that help you create new solutions to old problems.

Humor and Managing Change

For the 99.4% of us who are continually wrestling with major workplace changes, humor can make your professional life much less frightening. It encourages out-of-the-box thinking and flexible attitudes – two important traits in people who manage change successfully.

Motivation and Morale

Workplace humor keeps the mood light and maintains a climate of positive energy. When morale is high, coworkers get along better, people enthusiastically do their work, and employees are more committed to goals.

Successful organizations celebrate milestones on their journey to achieve goals. That’s why many use fun and even wacky ways to reward employees for a job well done.

Humor Strengthens Teams

Teams that laugh together work well together. Humor breaks down stereotypes and promotes a sense of unity. It can build company traditions and a sense of shared history, which reminds employees they’re playing for the same team.

In meetings, humor encourages participation, minimizes conflicts, helps people retain information, opens up dialogue and sparks creativity. It livens up dry business correspondence, softens authoritative messages and improves the delivery of presentations.

Including your customers in the fun helps you connect with them on a human level, helps ensure loyalty and makes service memorable.

More managers are embracing their sense of humor as a way to build rapport with staff, communicate more effectively, show their human side more openly, develop trust and foster a supportive workplace climate. And as we succeed at what we enjoy doing, laughter improves the bottom line.


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