How to Cultivate Executive Presence

Part 4 of 5

What Really Matters

Your physical bearing is important but your core values and the way you communicate them are even more significant.

Your executive presence is reflected in the energy and image you convey, along with your understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Leaders with a strong presence intuitively know what will cultivate loyalty and approval. They also recognize how to avoid coming off as egotistical, insecure and insensitive.

Others’ perceptions are influenced by our emotional demeanor. You must be able to balance your own needs with those of others and the team. This requires keenly honed emotional awareness – being in tune with the situation, the context and other people.

When your personal values resonate and are aligned with others’, you have an opportunity to lead in meaningful ways. This will attract others to you and command the respect of peers and superiors. An infectious grin and authentic sense of camaraderie will open doors, but the ability to communicate sincerely and connect with core values is what inspires people to respond.

Your presence communicates your self-worth and confidence, as well as the level of respect you have for others and the situation at hand.

Tomorrow in Part 5: 6 Steps for Building Executive Presence


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