Have We Forgotten about Honesty in the Business Place?

Has honesty become a thing of the past?  Many of us are asking this very question as hear about or see the many ways in which others (maybe even ourselves) are being wronged. Some people are constantly looking for alternative ways to get over on others and the business world is no exception. We need to, however, change the way we’re doing things and become more ethically inclined when running our businesses.

I remember a time when people were able to put great trust in their local merchant.  Do you remember those days?  The owner was fair and usually gave the consumer more than they bargained for; this was the true secret to long term success. We too have that same power to claim long term success and to help change what’s going on!  By claiming this power and making a few changes, we can help stimulate the economic growth that is needed to overcome hard times.

You may be saying to yourself: “But I am honest in my work.” And truthfully, you actually may be.  There are still many business owners that use ethical marketing when selling their products.  But what about passing these ethical techniques to future merchants?  Like our affiliates for example.  Are we teaching them about honesty?  How about the new entrepreneur who seeks wisdom and a joint venture partnership with some of the seasoned business owners?

I know some people who have been making money for several years are going to say, “We’ve tried to teach the young about ethical marketing but they aren’t listening.”  That may be so, and you can’t twist anyone’s arms to get them to do the right thing. We can, however, be examples for them.  We can leave the ball in their court, and they can decide how to proceed.  If they choose not to listen or learn from their mistakes, they’ll eventually seek out the wisdom.

If this article offends anyone maybe it’s time to take a look at the overall marketing picture. Trust is built on the very foundation of honesty, especially when dealing with costumers.  It’s a two-way street…the consumer gets what they paid for, their hopes are flying high and their wallets still have money in them so they can buy other things.

The business person, on the other hand, gets a repeat costumer that will tell his/her friends, who will tell their friends, and so on, making more money in the long run, while building great lasting relationships, and a fantastic reputation.  The icing on the cake is that they’re helping someone else.

So, I guess we need to ask ourselves these questions:  Do we continue with this “Dog-eat dog” attitude, or do we claim the power from past years and help change the mindset of the consumer which will lead us to bigger profits where everyone is happy?

The choice is ours!  I know what I’m doing; do you?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.


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