Gratitude in Business

Research has shown that gratitude and giving thanks is good for us. People who show gratitude in their daily lives tend to live longer vital lives, report fewer health problems and display higher levels of energy, enthusiasm and productivity.


How do we extend gratitude into our business if gratitude is so good for our personal lives, can expressing appreciation in our work environments impact our effectiveness too?




The expression of gratitude as a business strategy is powerful. So powerful, in fact, it can help increase the inward flow of income and opportunities and elevate happiness and fulfilment in life in general.


While many employers and business owners recognize and are thankful for the support of clients and staff, a lot of them tend to let that gratitude go unexpressed. They get caught up in the business or say a quick thank or good job in passing.  That’s a mistake.


Tommorow, a  few ways to genuinely integrate gratitude into your work environment.

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