Gratitude in Business (part 5)

Ways to genuinely integrate gratitude into your work environment:

Write it down

It is powerful and impactful to put something in writing. Keeping a gratitude journal is an effective way to maximize the impact. You don’t need a unicorn-adorned notebook for journaling. Sticky notes, scrap paper or napkins work just as well. The effectiveness is found in the action of writing it down.


End each day by listing three things you’re grateful for: great colleagues, healthy kids, an ace of an assistant, the sun is out – anything that you noticed that warmed your heart.


Find a Touch Stone/Symbol

What embodies gratitude for you? It might be a rock from your recent vacation, beads on a necklace your child made you or a simple token on a key chain. The idea is to have something tangible, a touch stone that you can see and touch when you need to be reminded to be grateful.


Gratitude is a worldview, a way of being regardless of good or bad times. In fact, incorporating the strategies above are often the most powerfully beneficial when times are the toughest.


Good times or bad, one thing is certain: gratitude isn’t just good for business. Once people make a habit of giving thanks they tend to agree, showing gratitude just feels good.

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