Five More Power Questions


Peter Drucker, who is an Austrian born American Management expert, presented five questions to both his corporate and organizational clients.  These same questions can be applied to both our personal and professional life.

The questions that he posed were:

  1. What is your mission?
  2. Which relationships are the most important ones to you, and worth investing in?
  3. What do you consider the essential priorities and goals of those closest to you to be?
  4. What are your expectations of the those around you, and their expectations of you?
  5. What is your plan?

By using the above 5 questions, and other power questions, you can begin to add meaning and impact to your conversations.  You will be surprised at how stories will begin to unfold, how people begin to respond to you and the an increase in deepening your relationships.

I really do think there’s magic in asking the right power question at the right time. I would love to hear about the questions you ask when you want to get to know and understand someone better. Please leave me a comment, either here or over on Facebook


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