Finding a coach

(Part 4)

Just like hiring any professional, you should do some homework and shop around before choosing a coach. Coaches are not regulated (licensed). However the coaching profession is self regulating through The International Coach Federation. The ICF has set standards for professionally certified coaches and coaches training programs. It is important when looking for a coach to ask where they received their training and if they are certified. Then check on the ICF web site to see if where they trained is an accredited training institute and if the coach is certified through the ICF.

The International Coach Federation recommends talking to three prospective candidates and requesting references from each. It advises asking the coaches lots of questions, including how much experience they have, how many people they’ve worked with and what specific successes they have had in helping their clients. A coach is someone you’ll be working closely with therefore it is key to look for someone who is a professional trained coach and experience an interpersonally ‘click’.

I invite each of you to explore the power of coaching so that you can experience a life aligned with who and what you want most for your life.


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