FAQs About Strengths & Strengths Based Coaching

What follows here are quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Strengths, the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment, and my Strengths based coaching services. Read on. If you have a question that is not answered here, I welcome you to reach out to me at 507.345.7090. I’m happy to answer your questions!

FAQs About Strengths

Diana Gabriel, SSCC, PCC

Who should take the Strengths assessment?

The assessment is for anyone seeking greater self-awareness to improve their understanding of their Strengths themes and how to apply them. Learning this helps you achieve a deeper sense of fulfillment and contribution, increased performance and productivity, and improved, stronger relationships. It helps you understand why you do things in a certain way.

Is a debrief necessary?

It is not absolutely necessary, but here is where the additional value is in doing a Strengths debrief. You are not a Strengths expert, nor are you objective in interpreting your results. The sense that you make of the results of your Strengths assessment is always filtered through your top strengths. A debrief with a certified Strengths Strategy coach can help you gain a more holistic understanding of all of your Strengths, as well as your Strengths in relationship to your weaknesses.

How can I utilize my Strengths better?

The more you know yourself through building your Strengths intelligence, the better you are able to apply and leverage your Strengths from a place of consciously understanding yourself. The 90 Day Deep Dive is a great format for serving this purpose.

How do I best put my Strengths to use in my own business or leadership role, or to determine my optimal role?

You need to learn how to powerful apply your Strengths to your business by learning about your Strengths, identifying where and how you are most influential, and aligning your actions with identified results. Additionally, you need to identify where the gaps are so you know where you need support from others.

What are blind spots?

Everyone has blind spots. Our Strengths serve us in serving others down to about our number 17. From those listed from 18 to 34, our Strength become blind spots for each of us. Sometimes it is a matter that we do not know what we do not know.

How do I become aware of my blinds spots?

Strengths coaching helps shed a light on blind spots so you can be proactive in managing them.

Are my bottom five Strengths the same as weaknesses?

Yes. While it is important to be aware of your bottom Strengths, it is equally important not to focus on them. Instead, focus how to use and leverage your top Strengths to mitigate your less-effective Strengths.

Can I use Strengths to help me hire when I have a very small team? What do I want to look for when hiring a team member?

When you understand the Strengths of you and your team, you understand where the gaps are. Through your Strengths intelligence, you can find people to fill in your gaps or better align them with job responsibilities. It is important to look for Strengths different from your own—ones that compliment your Strengths. This can bring a wholeness to your team or business.