Expanding Possibility

The focus that I offer leaders is one of Sustainable Leadership.  What does that mean?  It is about consciously engaging in a deeper understating of what brings meaning and purpose to your life and your strengths.  In doing, so they build adaptability and resilience to sustain themselves as leaders.

“To make our lives living masterpieces, we need to move beyond acceptance, and even positive thinking, to the realm of possibility thinking.”  Chuck Gallozzi  

To ride the waves of change Leaders need to be willing to take risks and be innovative.

To throw that spaghetti against the wall and see if it sticks.

To throw our ideas out there and see if stick.  Nothing lost if they don’t.

It is all just possibility. Innovative thinking is possibility thinking. In the book, The Art of Possibility, Ben Zander describes living from possibility as a “New Way of Being“. 

When we add the perspective of curiosity to possibility, we are open to discovery and creativity, rather than self-limiting thoughts or Gremlins.   Those Gremlins are the ones who see the glass as ½ empty; the voices that fill us with doubt draining our energy, creativity and confidence. To quiet those gremlins voice in our heads we need to reframe the message to “I am possibility’ coming from a place of curiosity like a child, discover new ways to be resourceful moving us forward.

Shifting into possibility:

from Things to People
from Me to You
from Fear to Love
from Weaknesses to Strengths
from Tired to Inspired
from Scarcity to Abundance
from Rules to Values
from Control to Trust                                                                  

 adapted from Zander’s model.

Zander suggests that we Set in front row of life – be seen – be heard – play big – only failure is failure to try.  To act as a conductor to be helpful to others – invent or discover something anew. We need to embrace that what we are up to is bigger than ourselves – we need to inspire others by being inspiring with possibility.

“It is one thing to sit in your easy chair and watch the future being created in the distance. It is quite another, to roll up your sleeves and labor in its birth.”

Joel A. Barker, futurist, filmmaker, and author

Be in Control by Being in Choice by Being in Possibility


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