Employee Recognition – Building Bridges Not Walls Part II

06.29.13Employee recognition is utmost appreciated if the event is timely and is done at a more public assembly. In this way, the imprint is more powerful. So, the employee recognition should examine more on the effort of the employee to accomplish tasks and not on the result itself.

Research has shown that by giving an equal weight to the employee’s intellectual, emotional, and psychological needs through employee recognition, the commitment of the staff is increased and therefore their productivity increased.

 In our last blog, we mentioned why you should consider employee recognition and the importance of planning a time for employee recognition. I have three more points to share with you in this blog in reference to employee recognition.

3. Instantaneous Employee Recognition

This method of employee recognition reduces the amount of credit received one on one and instead offers a demonstration of the achievements by the company and the employees role in achieving the targets and goals of the establishment. Either the company or the management team may award an employee recognition chiefly upon a praiseworthy effort, solidarity, accomplishment of an exclusive project, acquisition of a new company procedure, or simply expressing indebtedness to the employee for what they have achieved.

4. Ceremonial Employee Recognition

This type of employee recognition is done yearly. Because of its formality, the event showcases a very dazzling and impressive ceremony. This type of employee recognition concentrates on acknowledging the overall outstanding performance of an employee. The award itself is so special that every employee works towards being the recipient. Sometimes these rewards are referred to as; the president’s awards or the top 10 percent club for example. In this type of employee recognition, the most common awards are centered on the outstanding and remarkable performance of an employee or the department.

5. The Thinking Behind It

The main purpose of employee recognition is to build bridges, establish communication, and to acknowledge the importance of each employee in establishing the success of the whole organization.

Although employee recognition is important, it is important that employees must also remember that:

·         Employee recognition should not be expected

  • ·         It does not necessarily mean a  promotion
  • ·         It may not result in a raise or bonus
  • ·         Should be looked at as a gift
  • ·         It’s purpose is to motivate the group to thrive.




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