Empathy – Our Connection to Others

04.15.13 MondayWe naturally connect with others, both emotionally and physiologically. Basic human nature has us to do so without even trying.

It is through empathy that we understand others feelings, thoughts and experiences. This ability is wired into almost all human brains, and it’s a criterion to understanding what motivates others in reference to their intentions and motivations.
Without empathy we would not be able to have social interactions effectively, as it also helps to create a positive sales experience.

Empathy vs. Ego

The essential need to influence and convince someone else, as well as understanding that there is the possibility of rejection, is a well-known foundation that exists in successful salespeople. A powerful ego plays a big part of what it takes to make it in sales.

However, ego only is what contributes to people failing in sales. To get from where you are today to where you need to be in the future, it is necessary to develop an awareness that you must have empathy.

The right sense of balance of ego and empathy helps communication and boosts sales success.

The Shortage of Empathy

Studies show, however, that our sense of empathy is wearing down. The Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan has collected data for more than 30 years, and researchers have found that young adults are 40 percent less empathetic than their counterparts 33 years ago. In the year 2000 the ability to empathize dropped steeply, and narcissism rates have hit the roof.

Many experts wonder if these trends can be contributed to an increase in Internet usage, texting, and cell-phone and computer use. Regardless of the origin, the answer lies in regaining empathy. If we would only put down our phones, and play closer attention to what is being said to us. Then we could begin working on increasing our empathy towards others.



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