Coaching Assessments

As I work with clients through professional coaching, team coaching and team facilitation, I use assessment tools that allow both of us to gain greater insight into your core values, innate strengths, how you can build resiliency and actions you can take to become a more effective leader.

Research has shown that the first 90 to 100 days of a leader’s new position are the most critical in determining his or her success. This early period of time sets a tone and pattern for the rest of the leader’s career.  Knowing this, these tools are most beneficial when they are used within those first 90 to 100 days. Additionally, these assessments can be used on an annual basis to enhance performance, build capacity and hone leadership skills.

The assessments will help you gain greater alignment with who you want to be and even help you expand your capacity so you can experience deeper fulfillment in all aspects of life.

DividerStrengths Finder


This online assessment helps clients discover their talents and natural abilities, making it possible for me to help them become even more successful. I use the results of this tool in my coaching sessions to help leaders become more effective by leveraging their strengths, learning to maximize their team’s strengths and understanding how to lift up the strengths of the people they lead.

DividerThe Leadership Circle Profile

TLC_logoThis assessment reveals clients’ deep motivations, habits of thought and the patterns of action that drive behavior.  It provides a window for clients to see how others experience their leadership. When clients understand the facets of leadership and see how those attributes affect the big picture, they have the opportunity to become more effective leaders. This tool is a great way for leaders to learn what is working and what may need attention, so they can be more inspiring and successful.

DividerThe Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®)

In essence, emotional intelligence (EQ) is the way we manage ourselves and our relationships with other people. I use the EQ-i® to assess my clients’ EQ. When clients know and understand their EQ they can take more purposeful actions in realtionships, helping them become more effective leaders.

If you participate in this assessment, you will learn how to develop higher levels of EQ and hone your social, interpersonal, self-awareness, leadership and self-management skills. Developing these traits has been proven to be the most powerful thing a leader can do to advance his or her career, enhance relationships and improve overall happiness.

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