Yearning for Leadership Purpose

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Throughout my years coaching leaders, purpose has been a constant thread. Leaders, like you, are looking to have greater impact through meaning and purpose in your work. Clarifying and articulating your purpose, your calling or your why seems elusive. It often feels difficult to identify on your own. While yearning to know what it is, […]


Bring Out the Best: Maintain Excellence in Uncertain Times

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Over the last few weeks I have deviated from my usual blog content to encourage you to focus on yourself. I hope the holiday break allowed you to push pause and focus on what is most important to you. To take in what you are grateful for and to give some thought to what you […]


Bring Out the Best Using Brain Science

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Are you a part of a high-performance team, a team that you look forward to working with? If you are, where is the growth edge for you and your team? If you are not, what would it take to become a high-performance team? This past week I had the privilege of delivering another Strengths Based […]


Bring Out the Best in Your People

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It has been a busy time for me as I deliver Strengths Based Leadership and workshops on Building Strengths Culture Teams. I am struck by the great job done by the leaders and manager that I have worked with – diligently working to create the right mix of people for their teams. But then, they […]


The Challenge in Measuring Employee Engagement

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Is it fair or accurate to lump all employee engagement results together? I don’t think so. I look to the results of those organizations that track employee engagement after dedicating the resources to ensure change. As a Strengths Strategy Certified coach, I have experienced and have confidence in the strong employee engagement results that come […]