Authentic Leaders Engender Trust

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Being self-aware is not enough to be seen as authentic and to engender trust. I’ve learned this the hard way over the years. Through using the Strengths Strategy model and becoming self-aware through my Strengths lens, I’ve been inundated with insights on dimensions of my Strengths that I now recognize I need to monitor and […]


Recipe for a Great Holiday Season


By this time of year, most of us have slid into our “busy” post-summer mode, believing that we must leave that laid-back summer routine behind us. But what if we continue to embrace that spirit of summer, what if we practice self-care throughout the holidays and into the New Year? How might our enjoyment of […]


The Path to Improvement: Strengths or Weaknesses?


Living from a Strengths Based perspective, I have found relief and freedom. I no longer focus on what needs fixing but rather how I can leverage my strengths to maximize my contributions and manage my weaknesses. Through applying my ‘Strengths Intelligence’ I have found more joy, more peace in my heart, more fulfillment and significantly […]


Uncovering and Claiming Your Strengths: The Road to Self-Fulfillment


I have used Gallup’s Strengthfinder in my coaching for the past 14 years with amazing results for my clients – I’m a fan. Now a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach, the Strengths Strategy training opened my eyes to a transformative depth and breath of understanding Strengths. I was blind to the complexities of my own strengths […]


More Powerful Questions


Asking powerful questions can change the course of a conversation with amazing results. When people feel important enough to be listened to they feel connected, they are more likely to be fully engaged with you, and appreciate the experience. You hold a lot of power and influence in how you chose to engage others. Perfecting the […]


Great Conversations with 3 Powerful Questions


Asking powerful questions is an art found in the simplicity of how we phrase a question. It requires thoughtfulness and practice. Being authentic and fully present is essential to having the impactful conversations. As with any new skill, play around with your powerful questions, wordsmithing them until they feel authentic to you. We learn by practicing, assessing results, tweaking […]


Powerful Questions for Better Conversations


In a conversation, do you remember the last time someone really focused on you? When they were genuinely curious about you? Do you remember how that felt? When others are curious about us – about who we are, what we’re interested in, what we think and what matters to us – we feel good. We […]


Restore Trust with A Good Apology


‘If you’re going to do it, do it right or don’t do it at all.’ This old adage applies so aptly to the Art of Apologizing. If you are not apologizing for the right reasons or with an open heart it may be best not to approach the apology until you can get there. More damage […]


Effective and Sincere Apologies


We live in a culture that often sees failure as a personal – ‘I am a failure because xxxx happened’ vs ‘I failed when I let xxxx happen.’ When we keep this perspective, failing and making mistakes is about being human. We fail, we learn from our failures, we get up, do better and move […]


The Wrong Way to Apologize at Work


In my last series I focused on how people perceive what we say or do. Sometimes, what we say or do is an innocent mistake and sometimes we have simply messed up. In either case it serves us to know how to apologize. Many people apologize in a manner that seems to add insult to […]