Becoming the Authentic Leader
Your People Need

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As we think about and talk about leading from the inside out we see that when leader, like you, slow down enough to focus on what it means and what it takes to lead from the inside out you become more authentic. When what you say, how you say it and the actions you take […]


Bring Out the Best: Maintain Excellence in Uncertain Times

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Over the last few weeks I have deviated from my usual blog content to encourage you to focus on yourself. I hope the holiday break allowed you to push pause and focus on what is most important to you. To take in what you are grateful for and to give some thought to what you […]


5 Steps To Bring Out The Best

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I’m curious, what has been working for you when applying your Strengths knowledge with your teams? I continue to meet leaders who, through their employers, have taken the Strengths assessment but are not supported in applying their newly realized Strengths. So, they are left struggling, sensing there is untapped possibility but not sure how to […]


Bring Out the Best Using Brain Science

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Are you a part of a high-performance team, a team that you look forward to working with? If you are, where is the growth edge for you and your team? If you are not, what would it take to become a high-performance team? This past week I had the privilege of delivering another Strengths Based […]