Coach the Inner Core.
Lead from the Inside Out.

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A coaching colleague of mine and I recently spent an afternoon examining, brainstorming, and developing meaningful leadership curriculum for a cohort of successful leaders who are dedicating a year to build their leadership capacity. Already successful technical leaders, our question is – how do we assist them in learning the value of reflecting on who […]


How to Find Your Leadership Purpose

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Last week I had the opportunity to talk with two previous clients who were considering career opportunities. I was impressed that, in their discernment process, they were focused on what I call one’s Core Self – your core values, Strengths and purpose. It was great to hear that they had confidence, feeling they would be […]


Do You Know Your Leadership Purpose?

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The Three-Legged Stool, the core of my coaching model, ensures clarity, self-confidence, and success in realizing dreams and fulfilling goals. The Three-Legged Stool asks us to identify our core values, claim our innate strengths and articulate our purpose or our calling. There are very few opportunities that facilitate this process — becoming clear in all […]


5 Steps To Bring Out The Best

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I’m curious, what has been working for you when applying your Strengths knowledge with your teams? I continue to meet leaders who, through their employers, have taken the Strengths assessment but are not supported in applying their newly realized Strengths. So, they are left struggling, sensing there is untapped possibility but not sure how to […]


Executive Coaching : The Imperative

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It takes courage to lead effectively. It requires a level of vulnerability that many of us are not comfortable with, yet it has become a necessity. By helping me fully claim where I am strong, using the Strengths Strategy model has led me to be more confident in naming, being open to and vulnerable in […]


Engage All Stakeholders : The second promise of effective leaders

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There is much written about the importance of feeling that there is meaning and purpose in our work. For those of you who have the Belief and/or Connectedness Strengths (like myself, whose Strengths are clustered in the Influencing and Relational domains) meaning, purpose and contribution to the greater good is a necessity in your life’s […]


Effective leaders have a vision: Where are we going? For the sake of what are we doing this?

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Fully embracing both the challenge and opportunity to lead with your eyes wide open takes courage. No one feels fully prepared for the breath of responsibilities and skills that are needed to successfully lead people and serve the organization simultaneously — I’ve learned this in my work with talented leaders. There is an art and […]


Four Promises of Effective Leaders

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Have you ever wondered — what makes a leader stand out as remarkably effective? Being a Strengths Leadership Coach, I am always curious about that question. I observe, I listen, I study and I ask a lot of questions, always seeking the answer to that question. If you want to be a successful leader, being […]


Awesome Self-Motivation: Ask Why. Then Act.

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For me, being an entrepreneur has brought a deep sense of fulfillment and many joys – the autonomy to be my authentic self, living into my strengths and calling in my everyday choices. I have become aware of the truth in the statement, “You do not know what you do not know”. Other than the […]


Understand Self-Motivation

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Motivation can seem illusive — you have it or you don’t. It can feel difficult to wrap your hands around it if your dominant strengths domains are not executing. The stronger your strengths intelligence becomes the more motivation tools you have available to you. For example, I have very few executing strengths but I know […]