When Teams Lack Clear Expectations

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I have spent the last several weeks talking about and looking at the function of teams. A team’s greatest success or failure often rests on the shoulders of you as their leader. Your understanding of who you are and how you show up with your team has the potential to greatly influence in how they […]


Authentic Leaders are Self-Aware

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When I reflect on Authenticity I think of the retirement celebration I attended for someone who had worked in the same office for 38 years. She experienced many obstacles, challenges and adversity in leadership during those 38 years, always handling everything with integrity and courage. Throughout the celebration I heard over and over again how […]


Gratitude, Health and Relationships

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This past week I have been flooded with things to be grateful for and I know that writing about it has increased my awareness. Four years ago, this past week, I had a knee replacement. The recovery has been so successful that I forget what it used to be like and neglect to pause in […]