Business Managers: Grow through Communication Part 2

In my last post , Business Managers: Grow Through Communications Part 1, I shared with you the first 4 of the 7 points to consider before presenting your presentation.  With this post, Business Managers: Grow Through Communications Part 2, I would like to share with you the last 3 points.

The first 4 points were The Take-Home, Ask Yourself the Right Questions, Talk in nuggets, and Present, Don’t Read. You can read the first half by clicking on this link,, to read more about the first 4 steps.

The next  three points are as follows:

  • Paint the Picture

Clarifying the features of your product may be important, but explanation without example has no meaning. People can’t remember all of the facts, but they do remember impressions. By comparing and contrasting, providing similarities and visual images, your presentation will come to life.

  • Slideshow or Presentation?

I’m sorry to say,but no one comes to your presentation to see your  slideshows. They come to hear a well-informed person share ideas and talk. Visuals should emphasize what you’re saying, not serve as your script. Instead of organizing the slides first, formulate your remarks then create suitable supporting visuals. Let your words drive the visuals instead of the other way around.

  • Watch the Jargon

Just because your audience is packed with familiar people that you work with,  or you’re providing information for an industry  that you are familiar with,  doesn’t mean you should talk jargon. If I may suggest, make sure you get rid of the buzzwords and throw away phrases. Instead, look for chances to put your words in perspective by humanizing your material and telling stories or stories.

Sometimes presenters worry that simplifying the information they are providing would harm their credibility. However, it is quite the opposite. By doing so you are helping your audience to understand the points that you are trying to get across.


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