These 3 Questions for A Growth Mindset for Success


Here are three questions you need to ask yourself if you want to embrace a new mindset for success. Instead of relying on a fixed mindset, use a growth mindset, one that encourages effort and learning. Every day people plan to do difficult things, but then they don’t do them. They say, “Well, I really […]


4 More Questions to Ask about Your Leadership


In my previous posts, I’ve been reviewing the importance of leadership development through the refinement of leadership stories of adversity and failures, often called crucibles. Leaders can become transformed; being more authentic when they teach others through the hard lessons they’ve learned. Leaders often begin their careers with a strong drive to achieve and succeed. […]


Discover Your Leadership Crucibles With 8 Questions


It’s almost impossible to take stock of yourself and gain self-awareness without guidance from a trusted friend, mentor or coach. To be truly self-aware, you need someone to hold a mirror so you can receive feedback regarding past and present behaviors. You also need healthy doses of courage, honesty and willingness to listen to feedback. […]