3 More Power Cues for Leadership Communication


I’ve been reading and sharing about how leadership communication can create more powerful impact with people. In my last post, I shared the first two of the seven power cues from author Nick Morgan in Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact (Harvard Business Review Press, 2014): […]


Leaders Need to Master these 2 Power Cues


While it’s nice to believe in personal autonomy, most of us have an exaggerated sense of what we control — particularly our thoughts and feelings. We can, however, learn to master seven power cues of leadership communication by becoming more aware of our unconscious mental activity. As a result you will be rewarded with greater […]


Leadership Communications: What Does Science Reveal


Some leaders are naturally great communicators and seem to intuitively know how to read and inspire followers. Others, well, at least in my work – coaching individuals, study and learn how to become masterful leadership communicators.  The great news is that these are skills and techniques that can be learned and acquired. “We create a […]


The Unconscious Mind and Power Communications


Most communication is unconscious. You may think you’re delivering clear and consistent messages based on your words and intention, but unconscious nonverbal behaviors are key to power communications. This is a harder concept to grasp because if something is unconscious, you’re not aware of it. How can you take control of a conversation or presentation […]


These 3 Questions for A Growth Mindset for Success


Here are three questions you need to ask yourself if you want to embrace a new mindset for success. Instead of relying on a fixed mindset, use a growth mindset, one that encourages effort and learning. Every day people plan to do difficult things, but then they don’t do them. They say, “Well, I really […]