Restore Trust with A Good Apology


‘If you’re going to do it, do it right or don’t do it at all.’ This old adage applies so aptly to the Art of Apologizing. If you are not apologizing for the right reasons or with an open heart it may be best not to approach the apology until you can get there. More damage […]


Effective and Sincere Apologies


We live in a culture that often sees failure as a personal – ‘I am a failure because xxxx happened’ vs ‘I failed when I let xxxx happen.’ When we keep this perspective, failing and making mistakes is about being human. We fail, we learn from our failures, we get up, do better and move […]


The Wrong Way to Apologize at Work


In my last series I focused on how people perceive what we say or do. Sometimes, what we say or do is an innocent mistake and sometimes we have simply messed up. In either case it serves us to know how to apologize. Many people apologize in a manner that seems to add insult to […]


Managing Perceptions Through Filters


One of the most important things for leaders to embrace is their humanness — their human messiness.  The messiness of failure is inescapable and necessary for those who lead courageously. It is in how you acknowledge and handle your failures that make all of the difference in people experiencing you as confidently vulnerable, authentic and trustworthy. […]


The Trust Filter with Leadership Communication


Building and maintaining a culture of trust is simultaneously complex and simple — it is all about you and not about you. Learning this dance is a critical skill for successful leadership. As you go about your daily work, keeping your eye on the three of the components of trust — Reliability, Sincerity and Competence — […]