Appreciation of Humility in Authenticity


Can a successful leader lead with power and persuasion in one hand and humility in the other? This is often a topic of conversation as I work with leaders. The answer is yes. With grace, authentic leaders blend humility, power, and influence. The attribute of humility is not often celebrated in performance reviews, nor is […]


A Structure for Authentic Leader Development


Having a structure and a plan to follow makes our journey a bit easier, as with establishing any new habit. Here, again, Bill George and his colleagues provide us with the process (or path) to obtaining more of those puzzle pieces we link together to become an Authentic Leader. As you read this series of […]


To Be Authentic, Align Your Values


Once we become aware, the real challenge sets in – living who we are and how we show up with our stated values, strengths and purpose. It takes courage and commitment to live in alignment with our foundational pieces and, through our strengths, show confident vulnerability in our relationships. Stay motivated and committed to the journey […]


How to Create the Authentic Leader Profile


For me, Bill George represents how an Authentic Leader shows up, inspires and influences. His work aligns with what I have found to be powerful and true for my clients over time – knowing and articulating your values, strengths and purpose (or calling) is the essential foundation for Authentic Leadership. Throughout my personal development journey, […]


The Puzzle with Leadership Authenticity


Often, we are drawn to the idea of great ideas and concepts, but stumble in the formation and execution. Arriving at being an Authentic Leader is no exception. I see the process of becoming an Authentic Leader as a gigantic 1000-piece puzzle – each little piece holding equal importance and significance. Gaining power when connected to other pieces, they form clusters – […]