Open and Closed Mindsets and Self-Awareness


Eminent psychologist and human intelligence expert Howard Gardner (Extraordinary Minds, 1998) points out that exceptional people have a special talent for identifying their own strengths and weaknesses. They have open minds and are willing to take in feedback about their own deficiencies so they can improve themselves and their organizational performance. People with a closed […]


How Well Do You Know Yourself?


Do you think you know yourself well? Self-awareness is key to success and fulfillment in work, life, and relationships. “Knowing yourself, and knowing the forces that affect the people who work for you, holds the key to being a successful leader.” – Kenneth M. Settel, MD, Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, CEO Psychology: Who […]


More Solutions to Overwhelm and Stress: Reducing Brain Clutter


Everyone has the same number of hours in a day and yet some of the clients I’m working with seem to manage time better than others. Some of the busiest people with less time apparently get more done with less stress and overwhelm. How do they do it? I’ve observed and worked with a lot of […]


Overwhelm: 4 Things that can Clutter Your Brain


In my previous blog post, I mentioned how everyone struggles with overwhelm, lack of time, felling stuck, and too much stress. Those feelings have more to do with brain fatigue rather than how much we actually have to do or our ‘time management’. Our brains do not work well with unfinished business, unmade decisions, and loose […]