It Takes Courage to Claim Your Strengths

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Knowing and claiming my strengths has been a process of becoming more self-aware. While working with a coach over the years, I’ve learned how to manage my strengths and learned their full power and potential. I believe it takes courage and confidence to share with others what you are really, really good at, without shame […]


Where Do I Focus: My Strengths or My Weaknesses?

where do I focus-my strengths or my weaknesses

Two of my top strengths, Activator and Command, made perfect sense to me but over the years had been identified as problematic behaviors in some of my performance reviews. I felt ‘different’ and ‘misunderstood’. I was often coached or counseled by colleagues to stop those behaviors, to be more passive, to adopt a low profile […]


Discovering Your Strengths


I, like most people throughout my life, had a poor sense of what my true strengths were. I thought my strengths were the things I was good at. But that belief was shaped by or reinforced by the feedback of others – what others said I was good at. The very first time I took […]


Boost Personal Growth : Trust in the Future


Recently I have received coaching from two different coaches. Within the same week they both gave me a journaling assignment, much like the one suggested in my previous blog (link). They framed their assignments with different questions and when I started writing they did not seem similar. As I kept journaling, epiphanies started to emerge […]


Transforming Personal Growth: Look Back to Look Forward


I have had several epiphanies over this past year while taking a deep dive into strengths through the Strengths Strategy certification training I completed. Coming to know my entire list of 34 strengths has given me a much better appreciation for where I am strong, where I am experiencing ease and success and where I […]