Everyday Conversations with Empathy


After spending one month examining our own self-deception great leaders develop a competence in infusing everyday conversations with empathy. It builds trust and leaves people feeling understood and cared for. People are still held accountable to meet their expectations but now it is done with care and consideration. It is not uncommon to find that most of us […]


The Relationship between Confidence and Leadership Success


The journey to authentic leadership through the eye-opening examination of Self-Deception is amazing.  The results — a Heart at Peace. The reward of having a heart at peace leaves you feeling right with the world. I learned this from my personal journey through my own self-deception. We encounter our blind spots daily, so there is always work to […]


Leading and Self-Deception


Living in alignment with your values, strengths and purpose by doing the work is rewarding in and of itself. In my experience, I know that working to ‘stay out of the box’ is not always easy work. At times, I find myself resisting the work. And I know that when I pause to ‘do the work’ it results in […]


What Happens When Everyone is Above Average?


Working with hundreds of people over the years, I have observed the difficulty in being forthright with our failures. We keep them secret and feel ashamed that we failed. We confuse failing at something with internalized belief that we are a failure. The tragedy in this is that learning does not occur where there is no forward movement. We may take failure to another level […]


To be IN or OUT of the Box


How do we claim our strengths and share what we are really good at without appearing as though we are coming from a place of ego – without “bragging.” This results in a tension that I believe we have all experienced. So, what does authentic, confident claiming of our gifts and and talents look like? […]