Developing Executive Presence – It’s an Inside Job

DG - 3-developing executive presence-its an inside job

Speaking about executive presence as how one looks, acts and how others perceive you is only scratching the surface, to have true impact you must look within. Otherwise, you are creating a superficial window dressing, which others can see right through and will not build trust. Authentic leadership requires more than a display of the trappings of […]


What is Executive Presence?

DG - 2-what is Executive Presence

It seems “executive presence” is the new thing to have, but most people I ask in my professional practice give me wide and varying definitions. No one seems to be real clear about what it is – so what is it, exactly? Presence: Often referred to as “bearing,” presence incorporates a range of verbal and nonverbal […]


Executive Presence: An Overlooked Success Factor

DG - 1-Executive-Presence-An-Overlooked-Success-Factor

Whether you call it charisma, confidence or compelling leadership, executive presence is in the spotlight. So what is it anyway? I am talking about more than making a great first impression. Presence is multifaceted, builds over time, and is reflected in everything you say, feel and do. It is grounded in who we are and […]


Leadership Presence: Express Your Passionate Purpose

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As a leader, you need to infuse your words, actions and stories with passion and authenticity. Every time you communicate a message, incorporate specific, dynamic verbs that characterize your intentions. In the work I do coaching leaders, I find many who are passionate about their work, but are reserved in expressing it sufficiently in their […]


Nonverbal Cues and Leadership Presence

4 - nonverbal-cues-and-leadership-presence

Authors Kathy Lubar and Belle Linda Halpern suggest in their book, Leadership Presence: Dramatic Techniques to Reach Out, Motivate and Inspire, three guidelines for developing emotional expressiveness that inspires others, influences change and drives business results. 1.  Generate excitement 2.  Put nonverbal cues to work 3.  Find and express a passionate purpose How can you put nonverbal […]