Diana’s Background

gabriel-0458Diana’s work as a certified coach is a passionate extension of her previous professional experiences. Using tools she developed while working in education and as a therapist, Diana has a way of working that is safe but challenging for clients. She is known for her ability to ask powerful and challenging questions that force a pause and require thought. As she helps clients identify strengths and clarify goals, she helps them to see more possibilities so they can play bigger.Diana believes it is her professional responsibility to always be learning, and she’s committed to her own personal development.

She makes a point of interacting with energetic, visionary people, some of whom are described in the My Favorites section. Her education includes a Master of Arts, and she’s credentialed with several reputable coaching associations, including the International Coach Federation (ICF). She’s also received high-level training from the Arbinger Institute, The Secretan Center and The Purpose Project.She lives in Mankato, Minnesota, and has two sons, one living in Memphis, Tennessee, and the other in Menorca, Spain.