Articles Written by Diana Gabriel, SSCC, PCC

As a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach, I enjoy sharing information that inspires and engages with others. Part of that sharing has led me to be a fairly prolific writer, as you can tell from both my blog and my past contributions to Womeninc Magazine. What follows here is a smattering of articles I have written for various publications. If you find an article you like, or one you believe someone else may benefit from, please share it!

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Thank you, and happy reading!

Diana Gabriel, SSCC, PCC





  • “Presence”, 2007 December
  • “Coaching – What is it all about anyway?”, 2007 October
  • “Congruency – Going Deeper”, 2007 August
  • “Congruency – Walking Our Talk”, 2007 June
  • “On Achieving Balance in Crisis”, 2007 April
  • “Sufficiency, Sustainability and Generosity”, 2007 February


  • “Purposeful Life in 2007”, 2006 December
  • “Discover Your Strengths”, 2006 October
  • “Being Called Forth”, 2006 August
  • “Radiating Possibilities”, 2006 June
  • “Embracing Accountability”, 2006 April
  • “A Call to Intentional Leadership”, 2006 February


  • “A Perspective for the New Year”, 2005 December
  • “Recipe for a Great Holiday Season”, 2005 October
  • “Courage ‘The Strength to Stand Up'”, 2005 August
  • “Resilience ‘The Bounce Back Factor'”, 2005 June
  • “Being “In Choice””, 2005 April
  • “2005 New Years Intentions”, 2005 February


  • “Change”, 2004 December
  • “Life Balance”, 2004 October