Are Your Values Out of Date?

Youthful ideals may not follow us into middle age, and appropriately so. Update your values to reflect reality. Accept what is. Either be happy with it, or do something about it.

Try thinking about the person you are—what makes you “you.” How has this identity shifted from that of your younger self? Ask yourself:

  1. How have I grown in the last decade?
  2. To what extent would I want to trade places with who I was 10 years ago?
  3. How much do I romanticize my earlier years?
  4. Who do I think I want to become—and how close am I to becoming my ideal self?

Imagine yourself a year in the future. Everything has gone as well as you hoped. What would that life look like? What kind of a person would you have become? What is something small you can do to take a step toward that better life, that ideal “you?”

Work is central to who we think we are, so it’s important to explore and identify your ideals. Take practical steps on becoming and evolving. Tap into what motivates you in the here and now to find passion and energy.

I know of no better way to explore these issues than working with a professional coach who has your best interests in mind. If you aren’t working with one, find out how to find one suitable for you. It’s such a personal decision – especially when you’re paying for it – that you want to find a good fit.

Ask me how to go about finding a good one. If we’re not a match, I know many successful coaches I can refer you to. I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment.


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