A Wellness Coach?

A Wellness Coach?

When is the right time to get a wellness coach to assist with unhealthy habits? Many leaders don’t have much time to devote to personal development, unless it’s directly work related or required. But without excellent health, the stress of leadership can take a toll on your ability to perform and bring about good results.

When I do one-on-one professional coaching it still amazes me the number of  unhealthy leaders I speak with. Many leaders put off seeing a doctor until their symptoms become agonizing. Likewise, many of them avoid booking an appointment with a therapist,  as they continually douse themselves  in denial and insisting, “I’m fine…really.” Only a heartfelt yearning motivates us to seek deep and lasting change.

Wellness coaches are licensed professionals with the know-how in a variety of areas dealing with health such as:

  • Exercise
  • Smoking cessation
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Stress management
  • Life satisfaction.

A wellness coach works with the individual in the above listed areas,  to influence change through personalized behavioral strategies. Lacking the support and structure  of a wellness coach, it may be difficult to attain the changes that one is trying to make in his or her life.

Whereas personal trainers offer side-by-side coaching, wellness coaches deliver tools that allow one to determine and implement one’s own solutions. In short, the individual learns how to meet their specific needs with the resources that are available.

Experienced coaches know how to ask the right questions,  which lead the individual on a path of self-discovery. They employ “appreciative inquiry,” focusing on what the individual is doing correct instead of probing into and scrutinizing the negative. Storytelling is another coaching tool that an individual connect challenges and experiences to their own life stories.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2012 annual survey of employer health benefits, 63 percent of U.S. companies offer at least one wellness program, be it a weight-loss program, discounted gym membership, on-site exercise facility, smoking-cessation program, nutrition/fitness class, web-based resources for healthy living, wellness newsletter or personal health coaching. Twenty-one percent of small companies (3–199 employees) and 56 percent of large companies (200+ employees) actually provide lifestyle or behavioral coaching.

If you are working for a  company that has not executed a wellness program, talk with your employer about adding one. Consider contacting a wellness coach to achieve more healthy habits and satisfaction in your life.


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