A Leader’s Roadmap Part 7

(Intro from Part 1: Businesses are becoming more complex. It’s harder to predict outcomes because intricate systems interact in unexpected ways. 

Staying on track is much easier with a guide or checklist. Michael Useem, a professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of The Leadership Moment, has published The Leader’s Checklist to create a clear roadmap for navigating any situation. I will present in the blog in condensed form, with sample questions accompanying each principle.)

7. Build Leadership in Others, and Plan for Succession: Develop leadership throughout the organization, giving people opportunities to make decisions, manage others and obtain coaching.

When our team operates from their strengths, the teams functions at its’ best. This holds the greatest possibility of living and working in flow, which often leads to greater satisfaction and happiness in all aspects of life. Each of us needs to have faith that we have been given just the right strengths to advance to a leadership role.  It is the leaders responsibility to develop each team member to make the most of the role they were born to play and to live their strongest possible life.

a. Are all managers expected to build leadership among their subordinates?
b. Does the company culture foster the effective exercise of leadership?
c. Are leadership development opportunities available to most, if not all, managers?


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