A Leader’s Roadmap Part 5

(Intro from Part 1: Businesses are becoming more complex. It’s harder to predict outcomes because intricate systems interact in unexpected ways. 

Staying on track is much easier with a guide or checklist. Michael Useem, a professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of The Leadership Moment, has published The Leader’s Checklist to create a clear roadmap for navigating any situation. I will present in the blog in condensed form, with sample questions accompanying each principle.)

5. Communicate Persuasively: Communicate in ways that people will not forget, through use of personal stories and examples that back up ideas. Simplicity and clarity are critical.

Communication is the most important tool that a leader has to establish, grow and maintain a strong team.  Good communication helps to create a team that works within the vision of the company.  Ongoing training keeps all team members up to date with the protocols of the company and makes sure every interaction with a client at each level of the business is the best it can be.

a. Are messages about vision, strategy and character crystal-clear and indelible?
b. Have you mobilized all communication channels, from purely personal to social media?
c. Can you deliver a compelling speech before the elevator passes the 10th floor?


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